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About the Perl Obfuscation Service

I needed to obfuscate a bunch of Perl scripts a while ago. Perl is famous for being naturally obfuscated, but I had something more extreme in mind. As the thought of further obfuscating my Perl scripts by hand horrified me, I looked around for a free automated solution.

Long story short, I didn't find anything decent, so I wrote my own. It's pretty neat, and handles (almost) all Perl constructs. I kept working out the bugs until it was powerful enough to obfuscate itself recursively an arbitrary amount of passes.

Anyway, the pricing for the commercial obfuscation stuff is absolutely outrageous:

 "The Stunnix Perl-Obfus Single Developer License costs $879, and can be purchased
  online in our store. May be used by the same user on any number of machines.
  Full text of the license is here."

So I turned my obfuscator program into a web service anybody can use for free.

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