AboutLiraz [phpwiki]

"He never grew up, but he never stopped growing" -- Arthur C Clarke (asked what he wanted written on his tombstone)

Quick reference

  • Knowledge domains: Linux, networking, multi-layered security development, cryptographic systems development, rapid software prototyping, software design and systems integration
  • Military service: troublemaker in a quasi-military IW unit


I've been involved with computer science and networking for the last 19 years, with a specific interest in free software (free as in speech, not beer) and network security. Some of my published security research received significant public attention a while back. For example, try googling for my writeup on the "Internet Auditing Project". I think it's aged rather well.

I first installed Linux on my trusty old 386 IBM-compatible back in 1995. It was an ancient version of Slackware with a pre 2.X kernel (1.2.13). It may have been primitive by todays standards but the possibility of having my own little tiny Unix system to play with hooked me right away.

I love designing and developing clever software solutions. Mostly in Python, though I've worked with Perl, C, Java, C++, shell script, and what not...

These days I'm mostly known for my work solving problems at the intersection of blockchain and cyber security, including co-founding TabooKey. Previously I co-founded Turnkey Linux, a library of open source pre-integrated virtual machines for various use cases:


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